Extra info

The name

The band’s new name was Ewo Rytkönen’s (Spinefarm) idea. In one Shakespeare’s book is said “Cry havoc! and let loose the dogs of war!”. Cry havoc is used in hunting and in war as signal for slaughter.

Done gigs
11.03.00 Finland, Hämeenlinna, Kulttuuritukku, Stormbringer happening

Four gigs in Finland with Children of Bodom

12.11.99 Finland, Joensuu, Karjalantalo. Opening act Insomnium
13.11.99 Finland, Nivala, Tuiskula
19.11.99 Finland, Seinäjoki, Nurmon ravirata
20.11.99 Finland, Köyliö, Lallintalo

Three gigs in Sweden and Norway with In Flames and Dark Tranquillity 

22.10.99 Sweden, Stockholm, Klubben 
23.10.99 Sweden, Gothenburg, Kåren
24.10.99 Norway, Oslo, T.B.C

09.09.99 Finland, Hellsinki, Tavastia with Zerocharisma and At Winter's End
13.08.99 Finland, Kuopio, with Barathrum
31.07.99 Finland, Savonlinna, with D-Ray & Trio Niskalaukaus 
01.04.99 Finland, Hellsinki, Lepakko...with Amorphis 

The Tour with The Gathering 

15.01.99 Germany, Bad Salzungen, Kallewerk 
16.01.99 Switzerland, Zürich, Dynamo 
17.01.99 Germany, Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik 
18.01.99 Germany, Köln, Live Music Hall 
20.01.99 Germany, Nürnberg, Hirch 
21.01.99 Germany, Offenbach, Hafenbahn 
22.01.99 Belgium, Brüssel, VK 
23.01.99 Germany, Glauchau, Spinnerei 
24.01.99 Germany, Bochum, Zeche 
25.01.99 Germany, Saarbrücken, Garage 
27.01.99 Germany, Osnabrück, Hyde Park 
28.01.99 Germany, Hamburg, Markthalle 
29.01.99 Germany, Dresden, Strasse E 
30.01.99 Austria, Wien, Arena 
31.01.99 Austria, Graz, Orpheum 
02.02.99 Italy, Milano, Binaro Zero 
03.02.99 Italy, Genua, L'Usine 
04.02.99 France, Paris, La Locomotive 
05.02.99 England, London, Garage 
06.02.99 France, Lille, Splendid

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